Self-Our Golden Calf

Self Our Golden Calf was inspired by the book The Way by Dr E Stanley Jones, who died in India while on mission in 1973 at the age of 89. Self-Our Golden Calf was produced over a period of time extending from 1988 to 2007 during which time Dr Zieno was inspired to produce a work that represents his observations of life and its relationship to Christ and his plan for creation.

Dr Zieno is a practicing physician who over the last 20 years has been witness to God's plan for us both in his life and the lives of his patients. 

Do you need this book?  

  • Are you deeply joyful and content with life? Are you deeply joyful and content with life?
  • Are you satisfied with you life choices? Are you at Peace?
  • What is the real center of you life?  Is it self, job marriage, children,institutions, organizations, a cause, or is it God and his Word the Lord Christ?

If you do not experience on a daily basis Peace,Joy,Love and Contentment, then you are most likely on a properly centered path.

Embark on this 26 week Journey of discernment to seek that path that has been marked out for you.

Purpose of this book

This book is a Christian based self improvement book that is designed to be read on  daily basis along with an active program of journaling the thoughts of the reader concerning the topics discussed. The book is intended to be a work in progress for the donors who receive the book will get pass word protected access to a web page that will allow them to contribute to the next edition of this book as well as have an chance to complete the second 6 months of daily meditations. 


All donations will be directed to support the activities of the Non Profit. Suggested donation is 40 Dollars US.