Medical Society Of St Anthony Zaccaria-Medical Justice League(TM)

MSSAZ-MJL is a non profit organization that is a 501(c) 3 Tax Exempt Organization. Donations to this organization are tax deductible less the market value of any goods and services received. Grantors and Contributors may rely on this determination unless the IRS publishes notice ti the contrary. The Effective period extends from Aug 11 1993 to present.

Reason for the formation

The non profit was formed in response to the building crisis in the Health-care Industry. The Costs of Health-care have increase in double digit fashion for the last 40 years. As a child in the 60's a 6 dollar out patient physician bill was considered normal. Babies were delivered for less than 500 dollars and Hospital stays were 50 dollars a day. Using the adjust rate of inflation a visit in 2007 should be 41.50 and a delivery of a child 3500.00 a hospital stay 350 dollars. The average cost of a physician's visit is 200.00, the hospital stay averages 5,000.00.

Reasons for the higher cost are many:

  • Advanced health care - resulting in longer more productive lives
  • Medicare Insurance - the government now pays for care that before was given at reduced cost by the providers that by tradition was done as a matter of civic duty. This program resulted in our third reason for the increase. 
  • Conversion of Medicine to a Business - Physicians were no longer chosen based on the desire to serve the public, that changed in the 70's to attract  more numbers into a field that was short of providers.
  • Large health care systems rewarded providers for internal referrals, testing and admissions - teams of lawyers now work on complex formulas that work around existing laws to provide incentives as before.
  • Malpractice -  This insurance has been uses as a form of outcome insurance. Studies all indicate that most physicians knowingly order unnecessary tests to avoid  malpractice.
  • The method of payment is clearly tied to a for profit model that encourages the sale of medical services rather than the availability of care based on need.

 New Methods of Compensation 

  • Payment of providers must be truly independent of admissions, testing and referrals.
  • Providers must be paid for the level of training and patient outcomes as well as minimal production levels with higher pay for providers who find better ways to provide care in a low cost high quality manner while meeting patient expectations.
  • Rewards for limiting care should be avoided
  • Rewards should be given to providers who are able to provide care results in an over all improvement in the quality of life and the ability to live a more effective life at home and work.(Care that allows return to work sooner at a lower cost should be rewarded)
  • The total costs to the patient and employer for time off work because of both the worker and his or her family member illness should be considered when determining the value of the providers services.